I have been thinking of buying some monitors recently, but I've never bought a monitor before so I dont really know what im looking for. What sorts of monitors would be classed as good?

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    It all falls down on what you need:
    - type of panel
    - size
    - resolution
    - refresh rate
    - colorimetry
    - price
    - etc.
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    If you go for a large monitor with high resolution go for curved. I have 29” widescreen and it’s a bit of a head turner if your typing on the left edge
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    IPS. Fuck TFT.
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    I use HP E243i monitors, good value clear text not too large
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    I have an LG 27" 4K monitor that looks great for gaming. What are you going to use your monitor for? If it's just for a development machine, then HD would suffice.
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    Ips 4k
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