Can I just say, I hate migraines. There is nothing worse than trying to focus with a worm gnawing at ones eyeball. Ended up leaving work at 13:00, wishing I could teleport home. I take that back; driving for an hour with a migraine is worse. Almost 19:00 and it is finally gone.

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    I totally understand how you feel. I suffer from them too and they are the worst. I generally dont work when I wake up with one.
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    @cbartle I used to get them on a weekly basis. Now it's a couple times a year. The neurologist said to stop with the caffeine, so I did and they mostly went away. In 2019 I started drinking real coffee again. I'm really hoping the migraine was triggered by our current weather change (winter front headed our way), and not the coffee.
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    Migraines 😢
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