since my new laptop will arrive soon just want to know what is linux is good and widely used im thinking between arch or debian

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    @zotigapo I'd say ubuntu is a good noob distro, but for the more advanced user and depending on how deep you would want to get into it I'd say the choices the OP has were pretty good imo
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    Depends on your knowledge of linux.
    Arch can be a powerful weapon, if you know how to control it. Else, its more like handing you a Barret M81, shortly after learning how to swing a sword.

    Ubuntu is a perfectly good beginners-distro, even though I'd recommended Mint (its build on Ubuntu).

    If you want to use Debian, I recommend you to use Debian Testing, since stable usually only receives feature-updates every two years. But beware, it can contain some bugs.
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    Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Linux Mint, Elementary OS

    "What Linux is good" - any Linux included in the Distro of your choice is good.
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    If you have never used linux as a daily driver stay away from arch. Debian packages tend to be older versions while reliable can be a pain in the ass if you need a new version of something. If you're new to running linux fulltime ubuntu or fedora would be the way to go leaning more to fedora personally
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    What car is good? It comes down to your preference and use case. My choice is Neon KDE. Easy to use without compromising reliability and customisability.
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