Not exactly a dev enemy, but similar.
A new radiation protection regulation has been in force in Germany since 2019. October I finished a super duper important document for this and this has been with the TÜV ever since. First there is nothing happening and then there are allegedly inconsistencies in it, which, however, all of which were due to shoddy work with the "expert."

There is a german word for this type of person: Krümelkacker.
He faults every little thing in side-by-page letters, causes long delays, and in the end is often wrong.
But I have to work with him -.-

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    So a Breselscheißer
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    Korinthenkacker. But you could try to get the sausage blinker into the papers ("könnse ma den Wuästblinkä eintragn?").
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    sounds like the guy wants a bribe.

    Srsly. People who constantly want to die on every single hill they climb are either stupid, slightly insane or want that you throw stuff at them so they go away. Or their life is hollow and that is the last thing they have.

    I wonder what the english equivalent is, "bean counters" are more like those finance people that want to lower cost. Hmm.

    elende Krümmelkacker
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    @Fast-Nop it's the TÜV for nuclear power plants, not cars xD
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    So you are tasked with the "Rückbau"?
    I work not even a kilometer from the Brennelemente-Zwischenlager Ahaus So I would be interested if there are any new castors coming soon
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    @ThermalCube yes, the Rückbau / decommissioning.
    I'm at the other site of germany at Greifswald. And there are no new Castor planned
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