I think medium is the best place to learn new stuff! Do you guys think the same?

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    Depends on what the guy write
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    Definitely not. Some posts are quite good but the majority is 'garbage'. Like only things that are half true, are against common practice, some even highly questionable.
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    Nope. The best place to learn new stuff is to build something people use.
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    No, it is worse y than wikipedia.

    Medium is a blog and contains the writer opinion and some summary of a very complete document.

    What is worse the writers don't cite sources often.

    However, if the writer is some sort of authority in the topic, then it might get interesting.
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    @Fradow that is the best way to start indeed.
    Just throw yourself into it, you will have questions and will have to research a lot.
    Can be very frustrating, but rewarding.

    The bad side is you will have to take what you learned, and get yourself into a course or book to ground most of it.
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    Medium has a lot of great content but it also has a lot of really crappy content. If you're looking strictly to learn a new skill, you might try something along the lines of Pluralsight or Skillshare.
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