Anyone else ever just have those days where you just think of just giving up on programming all together?

I just seem to be having these days every second day or so, I mean I've been programming since I was 11 and I'm just about to turn 21... I've essentially stuck with game development in the same engine in the same language and to this day have nothing to show for the past 10 years other than a million half assed prototypes that seem to just rehash idea's already done by other but a million times better...

Tried learning other languages and none have stuck, I can't grasp C++, don't have a fucking clue how to use Vala and can't even think of anything to make with said languages...

Tried making a pushbullet front end in Vala and can't even learn how to use the fucking API's so once again, that project has been put on the shelf with everything else.

It all just drags me down and makes me think if all the trouble is worth the pain and annoyance.

Maybe I'm feeling sorry for myself (110% chance this is the case) or maybe I'm just not cut out to be a programmer...

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    On such days I usually just do something else (electronics, servers, household chores or whatever) to get my mind on something else. And then come back when I have the drive to do what I didn't want to again, or (more likely) when it becomes too urgent to leave pending 😅
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    Have you tried Unity? Lots of tutorials, and you can write in c#, which is pretty marketable if you want to stop with games at some point. The tools are free. I taught a high school class last year using Unity.
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    You could try C, that's like C++ without the bullshit. Prominent applications are the Linux kernel, even in userland Git, and most serious embedded stuff.
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    I got a job moving heavy boxes for a while, much easier.

    Then you begin to notice things you could do to improve your workload..
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    > just rehash idea's already done by other but

    > a million times better...

    Haven't you just described what 99% of programmers do. :-)

    Folk really do like things a million times better, even if they are the same as what someone did before.

    Sometimes you can add just a tiny difference, something you thought of yourself, or something you heard about someplace and thought, that would be great there.

    It's evolution in practice !

    Slow, but steady, with occasional jumps.
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    I can only suggest to try and find some project you want to get your teeth into, that could last years (Or decades..) that you reckon you'd enjoy more than anything you could think of.

    Slowly battle it, maybe even great a blog / forum and let folk know your progress, or when you get stuck and want some help /guidance / hugs.

    You are in a great position to use your honed skills in your particular language / platform that the rest of us would take a decade to get it.

    If you want to brainstorm ideas, I'm sure we could all shout out things and see if any of them resonate with you, or spark off a line of thought.

    Me, I like games, so what game might you want to make that no one has made yet ?

    Or maybe a really old game, that no one has made a modern version of.. (Or at least a decent version of..)
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    Had similar experience and believe me or not buddy situations like this are caused by the lack of setting project goals. I bet if I checked ur shelf you would have lots of abandoned projects and unused assets...

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's more like throwing darts on a plain wall all because there's no target.

    The main challenge I can sense here is not you having to know as much language as you would want cuz there are tons of game engines out there requiring just basic knowledge to build a game, so it's either you don't have "a game idea in mind" which you should get one or the "actual will to build something" isn't there which is not right. IMO
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    @funkyboss have toyed with unity, haven't tried anything 'major' though
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