Being a dev intern is so hard! The company expects me to have knowledge as a senior developer but with a stipend of a janitor! :(

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    Welcome to software development
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    @beegC0de shit it's like that with many fields man.

    I know a pharmacist that had to pay tuition to go work for free because they still had "assignments" to do during this time period which the uni deemed worthy of paying full tuition. Of a grad student as well.
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    I've been there.
    Trust me, the company has no direction. If they had, they'd know better than to overload an intern and give him tasks more than he can do.

    During an internship, I struggled so bad. I was hired for A, assigned B, where task B had no stability, as in, they changed platform thrice, making most of my work go in vain, and then blaming it on me.

    On my first job, I was paid more than 4 times the stipend. During the first 2 and a half months I wasn't expected to deliver much, I was given time to learn and adapt. Learning was fun.

    The company I interned in, closed down.
    The company I work for has been doing great.
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