What is this foreign object on my home screen

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    Their shitty new icon :/
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    @Stuxnet it's not like their design team has better things to work on. Like dark mode.
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    It took me about 10 whole seconds to find Slack on my phone today. Truly, we're on the 2-steps-back part of the cycle.
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    Penis swastika
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    I find the new one looks just plain and boring, like some logo you would find in a "free logos pack".
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    I was gonna make a penis joke, but Linux beat me to it. So instead I'll say that the whole octothorpe thing they're trying to do fails with this new logo.

    The only way the could have made it work is by having the comma looking things be in the same parallel line as the long bit, but that would look tacky (can't make a mock-up of what I would imagine it to look like so someone else will have to do that if I don't get to it in time)
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    They wanted microsoft to buy them *hint* *hint*
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    The new icon is really wired
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    it's O c t o t h r o p e
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    @iamavalos they have moved from "simply awful" to "truly awful".

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    @Stuxnet I kinda like it
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    I'VE FIGURED IT OUT! IT'S LOSS! The fucking Deva have been trolling us all along!
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    And I just figured out that the ripples represent chat bubbles (like ones in Tinder and Messenger)
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    @Linux I even tweeted that to them it looks like swastika, but no response so far...
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