Shall I completely switch to linux???

Can i find drivers for graphic drawing tablet and awesome download manager????

Those two have been keeping me in windows for years...

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    I use a Wacom, no trouble with drivers at all. But non-wacom would be sketchy
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    Most of the time when dealing with highly specialized hardware they either do provide linux firmware, or you gonna have to deal with some major drawbacks
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    If I found an android phone that I can plug to a monitor with full resolution then I switch to android.

    I can do 90% of my stuff in pure android. For the remaining 10% I run my windows pc on android. 😈

    Oh yes I love my shadow.
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    If you do graphics I wouldn’t
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    Wait, what is download manager? Is it 2005 again?
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    you might want to dualboot to give it a try. no need to perform a hard switch to then realize you can't find all drivers.
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    @Taqriaqsuk havent heard "download manager" for a while either...

    but some old ideas still make sense.

    I recently thought about making downloads where a lot of mirrors exist, e.g. packages & updates multi-point downloads, like having pacman resp. apt-get download a big libreoffice binary e.g. in 4 threads from 4 different mirrors. GetRight was a download manager in Windows that did this.

    The reason is mainly that the mirrors can limit bandwidth for individual downloads while the clients can download at full speed from several mirrors, distributing load
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