finally migrating my home env to Ubuntu...good by MS...we had good and bad times...but I just don't need ou anymore. Wish me luck!

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    This is where it starts, Ubuntu. Then after a while those late night distro searches start and you find yourself installing 10 different distros untill you find your favorite. Enjoy the ride bro.
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    @devRow absolutely...had this trip in office allready and I decided to stay with Ubuntu. Was planing for lonf time to also change privately to Ubuntu...but was just to lazy ...till now
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    You gotta pump those numbers up.
    Those are rooki-numbers.

    Jokes aside.
    Good luck.
    Let me pipe you a high-five for abandoning MS.
    $ ./high5 | @oxmox
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    aaaannd...done. wooohooo that was more smooth than expected and it feels soo good. Backups done and I'm transferring all my needed data to my new home
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    @CoffeeNcode you could dual boot both of them! :)
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    @CoffeeNcode do have a Xbox for that...even I'm not playing anymore since years
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