Another day of problems with Windows, just removed 96 unsafe files (Trojans, Malware, Adware etc.)...
At first, Defender refused to work with me, I tried to remove that with Defender (which found just 7 treats), but 'remove' or 'quarantine' didn't work, so I downloaded Malwarebytes and now works fine. Still, some minor problems, gonna format this crap soon...or maybe it's time to move to Linux or macOS finally? 🤔

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    What do you use that system for?
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    @WalnussPower Adobe Creative Cloud, many programs to design fonts, some useful tools, many stuff man, but most of the stuff I love, isn't available on Linux systems.
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    @RootPixl I guess staying with windows will be way easier then. not sure how well the programs you mentioned work in VMs / with wine.
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    @WalnussPower I'm just not the huge fan of VMs, they're not in my style, just used them to try running code on more than just one OS or as a playground with malware etc. to see how systems are dying (yep, I'm a sadist)
    Adobe CC works well on VMs from what I've heard, but, that's still less performance than on the non-VM OS, I mean, you can't give VM 100% of your RAM that program will normally use (for example: Adobe Premiere Pro)
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    You just don’t have this shit on Mac. Obviously CC works on Mac, also lots of good alternatives to CC depending on which software you use (much cheaper than CC)
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    Don't ever connect that machine in any way to mine! :P
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    @helloworld I know, but new Macbooks are lack of ports, I'm still going to school, so I need HDMI and USB-A, you know, to present some stuff on lessions, making a presentation, you know what I mean, right?
    @Traser okie, I'll keep that in mind. Tfw back in a day I had a collection of malware on my primary OS, not in the VM, that was just a crazy thing.
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    @RootPixl Yeah, I get it. But have a look at avira antivirus (I love it). Good luck!!
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    @helloworld thanks man, using Malwarebytes atm
    Also, tommorow I'll start using Windows 10 Pro Bloatware Free Editon, seems pretty damn legit.
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