I know you will hate me that I did this. I am so sorry. But isn't it incredible that it work? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Whole source: https://github.com/GoodRockqq/...

Hope my teacher will not commit suicide πŸ€”

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    there is a special place in hell for those people
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    @ynnk It's called Earth or high school? πŸ€”
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    Please gibs source for πŸ˜„. Must examine this new style further.
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    @tokumei no problem man, just give me 24 hours
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    This is glorious
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    For anyone wondering what it says on that picture it is: Promiňte co do piči which literally translates to excuse me (but) what the fuck
    And that thing is a mole, character from an animated fairytale for children...
    To get the joke you must have seen the original meme with the Vault-Tec character and know the animated fairytale(s).
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    ++ for black salami and blue salami

    ..even though I have no idea what they're for
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    @svgPhoenix BLACK_SALAMI for std::cout and BLUE_SALAMI for std::endl, i suppose.

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    @D3add3d no nazdar 😁 na krtko i som vyrastal
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    This would be an instant failure if I were the teacher... though I’d slip a note about how funny it was in there too.
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    @Brolls if it works, a zero is completely unwarranted. Just take points off for readability / convention adherence.
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    @svgPhoenix nah. It’d still be an instant failure.

    Readability and comprehension scores are if he used short variable names or the spacing was all over the place.

    As funny as this is, it’s a wilful negation of the point of the assignment.

    To my mind, I’d want to nip that in the bud, if they’re willing to do that in a context where they’re learning (at cost!) ahead of what I assume is a planned career, then it’d have to stop there.

    It’s okay to joke and have fun like this, hell, I’d probably set an assignment specifically for something like this, but if I’d set an assignment, and some smart-Alec handed this in and wasted my time like that, I’d be pretty pissed.
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    @Brolls the point of any assignment is to help students learn how to think logically and make working code.

    To me, something like this demonstrates and above-average understanding of how the language works and I would be impressed.

    Taking some points off and even requiring the student to re-submit the assignment without emoji is fine, but giving a zero when the code works is dishonest and mean.
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    @svgPhoenix I dunno, I’m not testing for that though, and I certainly wouldn’t be happy as an employer, which let’s face it, is what universities are for these days.

    It might seem mean spirited, but it wasn’t the assignment, or even in the spirit of the assignment.

    If they’d solved it correctly, and handed that in too, then that’d be a cool little extra, but I wouldn’t be very happy if that was the sole hand-in.
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    @Brolls bottom line is this: don't take off the points that are given for functionality when they fuck up in other areas (no matter what the fuck up in the other area was).
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