I guess anybody as dumb as me using Windows 10 for work would hate the new stupid automatic updates. But it went to the highest level for me.
I was working on a huge ugly ass PHP script. My hands were frantically pressing keys as I witnessed Windows restarting itself without warning to install updates. Which failed. Then restarted two more times.
I ragequitted W10 as fast as light I swear.

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    Win 10 should be made available as a "Look, I know what I'm doing" Edition instead of the "What is this Internet thing?" Edition everyone seems to be complaining about.
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    dude, convert to Linux. no more the update thingy.
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    @pixeltherapy the funny thing is that you could show that you know what you're doing through those group policies, but guess what was rendered useless in the latest build?
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    @lanesra then I get the unsupported graphics card thingy on 99% of distros. Honestly I only enjoy Linux through a shell.
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    @dovipas Make it a dual boot, I use Linux too for development but I have a windows install for gaming
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