I was wondering how people can hate other people. That was weird to me, but now I unterstand these people.
I begin to hate people, too.
Not only because they are stupid, but also because of their irresponsibility, ignorance and incompetence.

Here I am taking my time to finish a school project which is to create a video about stock shares etc.
I did the planning, did the editing of the audio files, put my own part (imagea and own audio) to it and right now I am editing it.
One guy from our group is being a bitch and does not record his voice to a few documents which will barely take him 3 minutes. I did 8-9 minutes of talking, for the records.
Because of that dip shit, I am wasting endless time waiting for him to get his shit done. I need to create the video. I have a personal life, too.
I gave him a deadline, because he was procrastinating. If he does not make it to this time, I am going to record his part on my own and give myself all of his credits. Done.

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    His name is Arschloch ? Ich glaube kenne ich den.
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    @Biggy didn't I meet you last time in the local shisha bar?
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- i don’t think so, bcs I don’t smoke.
    I live in Düsseldorf area. You ?
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    @Biggy "his name is asshole? Wait... I know that guy, too" (slightly modified)
    That is why I decided to make a joke and hoped that you would pretend to know what is going on and continue with our conversation.

    Btw. I know that you live in Düsseldorf. We had this conversation before somewhere else.
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