Will joining a cool company help me learn new things Or I'll be just running for deadlines?

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    How many companies wud pay you for learning?

    If you don't learn, you don't grow.

    So find out what u like to learn n do n find companies accordingly so that u can apply that learning n get paid too.
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    Depends if u pop niggas or em pop you
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    Both I'd say..
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    Define cool company pls
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    @karma cisco security department is mu ultimate dream 😁
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    @R1100 cisco 🤦‍♂️ wtf
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    A lot of companies I know have an education budget per employee. That can either be a fixed amount of money you may spend on courses, etc, from their pocket, or you may spend work time on learning new stuff. So I would look for companies who offer that kind of stuff
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    @CoffeeNcode wow! That is cool !
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    It depends. You can learn anytime at any company you choose.

    On my current job, I dedicate every Friday of the week to learn new things or refactor my code.
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