I'm a backender, Linuxer (servers + cli included) and security person.

For some projects I do need to write my own frontends and that, in general, IS my worst css experience.

HTML is quite manageable but CSS, except for the basics, is fucking Chinese to me.

So yeah, about every goddamn project that includes ME having to do frontend stuff is/has been the worst HTML/CSS experience.

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    Same! And not like frameworks are an improvement, now you're no longer writing an insane series of nonsensical selectors and values, you're crafting arcane incantations of divs, spans, classes and id's
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    @epse They make stuff easier imo but just let me do the server/backend part 😅
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    @linuxxx yeah I said that once on a project, the guy that was supposed to do the front end because he was really good at it made the most insanely ugly shitshow in the world like what is this?
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    @SecFreak I just dislike frontend in general, never do it with pleasure :/
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    @epse if I ever feel bad about my work, I'll look at that picture
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    I thought in English people said "it sounds Greek to me". In Spanish, we say Chinese. In German, they say Spanish
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    @DrPenguin That's different in German. "Das kommt mir Spanisch vor" ("This is Spanish to me") means that something strange/odd/wrong is going on.
    While "This is (like) Chinese" means more like "I don't understand anything". However, it is used much more rarely because we have the famous phrase "Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof!" ("I only understand train station"), which means the same.
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    @Benedikt aaaaah! I thought the phrase with "Spanisch" was the one about not understanding a thing. Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof is a really funny one, my supervisor explained it to me a couple of years before I decided to move to Germany. It may or may not have influenced thus decision... Hahaha

    But again, to imply that you don't understand a thing, don't you say "It's all Greek to me" instead of Chinese? Maybe it depends on the region... In the UK I heard it more with Greek.
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    The very first sentence triggered "hmmm is this linuxxx" in my head
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    I digested it as well as my backend skills, it's frustrating with 0 knowledge, but I really wanted to make a website for myself, that kept me motivated and in around 3 weeks I think I understood a good ~70% of it, and that was before flex and grid, which are WAAAY more logical and precise about structuring than float:left

    @linuxxx get over it and lose your virginity 😏

    My 2 cents
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    Frameworks do help,
    I use skelethon for simple shit and bulma for stuff that needs more fancy shit

    I write almost no css
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    @SecFreak all good frameworks have a very easy to read quickstart and reference
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    As someone who is currently learning Japanese, so that 10,000 unique kanji, I think CSS is a nightmare
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