Alright, I've already ranted about this but I feel like that was rather incomplete.. there's some other things that make me want to kill myself every time I enter <!DOCT- WHERE IS THAT FUCKING KNIFE?!!!

First one I've mentioned earlier is its <repetitiveness></repetitiveness>. What was wrong with {brackets}? If only HTML was more like CSS.

But there's some other ones as well.

- Frameworks! Ain't there nothing like a good dozen resources that every single one of your web pages wants to get JS from.

- Quantity over quality. Let's just publish early with tonnes of bugs, move fast and break things, amirite 🤪

- General noobness of apprentice web devs. Now I'm not talking about the real front-end devs here - AlexDeLarge was one of them.. forever holding a special place in my heart - that know how to properly use their tools. But there's a metric shitton of people who think that being able to write <html><body>Hello world!</body></html> makes them a dev.

- The general thought of "it's slow? Slap in more hardware." Now this is a general issue with software development, optimization costs valuable resources while leaving it in a shitty state but released quickly costs pretty much nothing. A friend of mine whose post I'll attach in the image section illustrates this pretty well. You can find it at https://facebook.com/10000171480431....

I'm not sure if this is an exhaustive list, but those are the most important things that irritate me about web development in general.

On a side note, apparently 113 people visited my hiddenbio.html page.. I'm genuinely impressed! I had no idea that so many people on devRant would click through. On Facebook pages this has been an ongoing significant issue of getting people to leave the platform - it's huge but engagement on off-Facebook links is terrible. I guess that I'm dealing with an entirely different community here. And I'm pleasantly surprised actually!

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    Now you remind me, where has Alex gone?
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    @epse he left the platform, can't exactly recall why though.. iirc it was something about personal issues or the community or something like that. But it's been a while since that happened.. can't remember the details anymore 😶
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    And then there's the wonderful world of embedded where KILObytes can make the cut so that you can choose the next smaller and cheaper chip. That's a dark area where C hackers thrive.

    When I made a project website, the home page clocked in at 36 kB on the wire, including HTML, CSS, an image and a bit of vanilla JS. Responsive and accessible. Because that's what happens when a C hacker goes web.
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    @Fast-Nop the whole industry needs to become more like this again ♥️
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    Now as you mention it, I remember seeing that hidden bio link in my browsing history, but I cannot remember clicking it....
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    Yeah I agree with you, but you forgot some points like:
    - project manager has heard about this new hot JS framework that's gonna change the internet forever, and we must be on the bleeding edge, so include that.
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    @Condor "can't exactly recall why though"
    Afaik he left, because he had a pretty hard discussion with the deleted user teganburns and maybe with other people, too.
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- in fact, he watered his devRant cactus too much so that it died, rendering further useful participation impossible.
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    @Condor btw., I don't have social media shit on my site - privacy friendly and eliminates bloat. When testing with whatever website rating tool, it commented: "your social needs improvement".

    I was like... you can bet, motherfucker.
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    When money dictates it companies start paying very careful attention to optimization and performance indeed - have a look at Andre Alexandrescu's CPPCon talk (hope I got his name right) about optimizations in HHVM at Facebook.
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