So I work for a company that does outsource, this company is pretty nice, but I don't get to see it too often. The one where I'm outsourcing though is the one where I spend all of my time.

Now, this company is a kind of a startup working with AI and Deep Learning (but not if statements :o ), but I came here as a full stack python developer that should implement their AI modules into real apps (mainly web apps).

Everything sounds good untill now, I learn lots and I'm doing what I wanted: python development. The problem is: management + one kiss ass guy.

The amount of work that should be done and the deadlines that should be kept are so messed up that I end up working extra hours, sometimes even in weekend, just to get it done. I'm the only apps developer there, so passing my tasks is not an option. I tried to talk about this, but I was met with a "loser can't keep up even with these few tasks..." kind of attitude.

Moreover, there is a guy that would do anything for the boss's attention, so he speaks everyone there behind their backs (and we all know it, but he's the favorite and he actually knows his stuff so we can't do much about him).

Now the question: what should I do? I only have 5 months here (so leaving would put a hole in my CV, I don't even know what to answer at this interview question "why are you leaving"), plus that the managers from these two companies are highschool friends which means that if I go and ask for a different project, the atmosphere at work will change (maybe this is overthinking already, but I can't help it). Also, last week I could barely get through the days without crying from stress.

TL;DR: I learn a lot from this company, but the deadlines are killing me and my stress level is at an all time high. I want to leave, but I kind of can't because I want my CV to look good.

So yeah, this is my first real rant, feels good to put it out there

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    Why did i leave?

    Unrealistic dead lines and unpaid overtime work.

    Seems legit to me. Looking out for oneself and with respect seems like the qualities that a well rounded person would have. And well rounded people usually work well.
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    @Santaclauze thank you. Leaving is my goal now as well, the problem is with how is it going to look for the next employer. I can't say in an interview that I hate this company... This is also my first python job which is kind of a dream come true for me, so I guess leaving so early feels like giving up. But I understand your point of view, I already started applying to other companies, hoping for the better
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    @nananaBATMAN just dont get emotional when someone askes u about this company. Just tell em about the extrahours and the deadlines!
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    One tip: don't do unpaid overtime. If the deadlines get fucked up, it's not your problem.
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    @mojo2012 you're right, I might overthink the importance of giving the ex company's faults as a reason for leaving. In my head this would sound like I'm the kind of guy that talks trash about your company after he leaves
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    Don't do unpaid overtime, as others said.

    Your job is to work during the hours on your contract, and you have an obligation to do your best effort DURING THOSE hours to meet the deadlines.

    You don't, however, have an obligation of results. Managers have an obligation of results. Developers don't. It's your manager problem if his deadlines are not met.

    Don't let him make it your problem.
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    You are all right, I will continue to do my job as good as I can and I'll search for a new job in the meantime.

    Thank you a lot for your support, it's what I needed :D
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    @dleroari you're totally right, and I want to find a job that challenges me. Not the difficulty of the job throws me back, but the atmosphere around here and the unrealistic expectations that I have to reach.
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    @dleroari I agree. I talked and tried to make the manager of this project understand the things I said above, but all I did was to make him treat me like the weak part of the team... So he's a lost cause in my opinion. I will however apply to other companies (I'm already in a hiring process and I'm waiting to see what happens) and when I have something somewhat stable, I'll go to my main company and ask for a different project (they have mainly java and .net projects, but maybe they'll find something with python) and if they refuse or they don't have anything, I'll just go with the plan B.
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    this was the same exact reason why I left my country and moved to Germany to work.

    Unrealistic Deadlines

    Ass-Kissing will take you higher

    Unpaid over-time

    Still not satisfied
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    @khateeb321 haha, I dream about leaving the country as well, I wanted this to be my last job in the country, but I hoped to have a little bit more experience here before leaving
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    First : NEVER WORK FOR FREE!!!! NEVER EVER!!!! If your work sucks so much that you give it for free change your career!!!

    Your worth is what other companies give you! Go to the wild and start looking for other opportunities. If you don't find them, see what you need to get them and start working on it. Once you know you can find easily a new job or have a good proposition just talk it out with your actual company and be pragmatic: "I don't like it here, you have the right to differ from my opinion but I don't give a fuck! My life my choices". And understand that you will be "the fucker who left", "the traitor", "the guy who couldn't deliver". The absent are always wrong.

    Lastly: IT'S ONLY A JOB! If you can't deliver, somebody dies? If not, do your job at your best capacities, with the best spirits and stop thinking about the job when you are not on it. You will have a lot of different jobs in different companies, but you have only one life!
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    That's right, if we all hold on to the value of our expertise, our work will be seen as important.

    I have seen dev work underestimated at so many places.

    SO no free work and no compromise, because it affects the wider community as it sets false expectations and standards.
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