Will be purchasing Surface Pro 6 directly from Amazon. It's my first time international shopping, hope it goes well.

And I should divide my order not to pay too much taxes, that's troublesome.

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    You might want to order them several hours apart, not just as separate orders immediately after each other.
    Amazon is highly optimized at every aspect and I'm sure they would put the orders together if they come from the same warehouse.
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    You can’t get it locally?
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    I definitely recommend against this. You pay duties and tax, even if they do ship each product separately. Just buy it (or something else) locally.
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    @620hun it's way cheaper

    @devTea i can but it is $300 expensive
    and MS has worldwide warranty

    @ananaszjoe I planned the shipping schedule, so no worries

    order another when one arrived at airport
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    Are the surface devices more reliable nowadays? I had some trouble with my SP4 and a friend had a lot of trouble with his SP5.
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    @drcool What kind of "trouble"?
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    - reattaching the keyboard used to be very unreliable forcing me to detach and reattach it repeatedly until it worked. Fixed itself someday.
    - the Bluetooth connection between the surface and the pen is highly unreliable. I can write with it despite this but all functions that use bt obviously won't work.
    - second Button of the pen stopped working after a few months
    - in the first few months the surface crashed randomly on a weekly basis. Seems to have been fixed some day.
    - the pen used to jitter a lot during charging and sometimes (rarely) still does.

    - random crashing on a daily basis
    - slowing down a lot after normal use

    There might be more for the SP5 but my friend doesn't use it anymore due to the problems he had with it.

    When looking for solutions for the problems I found that a lot of other users had the same problems.

    I stopped recommending the surface series due to my experience though I was very happy with it in the first few weeks.
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