Hi everyone. I'm sorry to take up some of your time. I've recently moved out and am now living alone (broke up with my gf of 3 years). After all the work that I put into moving out, I'm out of energy and I can't find it in myself to do what I want to do. I feel a bit trapped and need some help. If anyone knows a way out of this shithole I put myself into, I'd greatly appreciate it.

I'm also having network issues and, on top of that, I can't install CentOS 7 on a smart array... Not so smart after all, apparently.

I'm generally feeling like I've made a bad choice, but, deep inside, I know I want to focus on work and learning.

Any tips appreciated. Thanks!

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    Just stay healthy. I figure that that's what keeps the max-productivity psychos out there going all day every day.
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    How long ago have you moved out?

    Feeling like shit is unavoidable. Its also not indefinit.

    But my understanding is that you took the decision to move out. Find the value in that´╝î give yourself time to rest and focus on those valuable things you saw when you took your decision.

    But a good 1 or 2 weeks of “who gives a fuck i can shit on the ground coz this is MY home” is compltely fine ;)
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    @Santaclauze personally I can't wait until I can use cabinet speakers rather than headphone. They make my ears greasy
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    @beegC0de I have a bad time keeping on to it, but I'll try. Been going to the gym in January, but then quit halfway. I guess I gotta read some motivational shit before going again.
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    @halliFacks I usually have people listening to me, but they can't empathize much. I think it's a thing of where we all are in life right now.
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    @halliFacks Thanks for the more than generous offer, but I can't do that. Personal reasons like being overly stressed out about everything right now is just scratching the surface. Thanks again, tho!
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    Little late to the post but now that its a year later, how did this turn out? (if you dont mind being asked).

    I take it that it was for the better?
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    @Wisecrack yeah, it was all about getting to know myself a bit better and getting to a point where I could be fine just being alone. It's quite a good feeling actually and it made me realize that it's important to be content with just being myself, alone and not long for having someone beside me 24/7.
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    A masseuse will get you the same brain-chemistry benefits as a cuddle session.

    Wont get you the "other benefits" (unless you know the right masseuse), but skin on skin contact is a great relaxant and destresser.

    I'm glad it worked out for the better man. Best thing for anyone these days is learning to be comfortable in their own skin.
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