when your boss has no technical background so animations WOW him

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    This hits waaaaaaaay too close to home.
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    I have a friend who is easily impressed by animations.😂
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    @NaughtyProwler this is me 😂👌
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    That's why I tried to add some fancy animations to woo my client.

    meanwhile i secretly starting a fire in the back end.
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    @gilgameshcoder as long as the monkey on screen can dance they don't care 😂
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    got an A on a project because I had spinning things...
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    Meanwhile.. designed a material and minimal UI by writing pure CSS for the project and they thought I was using a template. 😐
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    @NuttLoose it go's both ways , you do some beautiful CSS/JS and they think "ohhh that's easy I can do it with Wix " lol 😑
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    @NuttLoose You technically are as there are guidelines for Material. If anything it's really a compliment that you nailed it :)
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    story of my life
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    That's the problem with full stack developers. You are often misunderstood. I'd rather go for a back-end developer at least my job only deals with all concerns about the back-end
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