Is JavaScript actually useless on its own??

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    Don’t let the Node devs see this
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    @C0D4 I’m a node dev. And everyone keeps bullying me to learn something else Joseph. Saying that I’m not a dev Joseph and only pile on frameworks Joseph.
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    @al-m "Fuck Joseph!"
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    @Jilano yeah! Fuck Joseph.

    Hear that @soulskrix
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    I thought you people called js joseph now, lol

    and js is just overrated but it's indeed useful
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    Js has quite a few oddities in its design that makes it easy to build hard to maintain solutions and you can need a lot of boiler plate to work with the dom easily but its quite capable as a language and has always been.

    I have used it since around 1998 to build web applications and while modern framework makes everything much easier in some respects the most significant improvement actually is the speed.

    It used t be to slow, especially dom updates, to do very fancy stuff.

    But technically there was nothing stopping you, even ajax was available in a way through a java applet.

    And server side is much the same, avoid the bad parts and riding on the performance improvements its at lest on par with many other languages.

    People just love to “hate” ;)
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    @C0D4 The node devs has seen this.

    Node does it all.
    No idea why we're still using other languages.
    Nothing bad about it.
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    Its damn beautiful.


    Working with decimal numbers
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    I look at JavaScript compared to C# and it makes me gag a little every time, but that’s probably just me. C++ and C devs probably think the same thing when they see C# code.
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    @zotigapo It's not a hall of a lot of different from say C#
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    As much as we hate JavaScript I think everyone can admit it is bloody useful sometimes...

    For me it a tad as pseudo code because it's readable and easy to replicate, so I would say JS has use on its own
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    @lxmcf "And here I thought you were a cool Canadian lumberjack... I guess JS comes with the hipster side of your shirt!"

    Anyway, it sure can be useful, if only people were using the right tool for the right job, there wouldn't be so much hate.
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    @SoulSkrix Hey! Don't make me come here and apologise! (Sorry)
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    @SoulSkrix yeah but you’re just a pretty turd.
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