I had a performance review with my boss and his boss today.

After they told me what they wanted to, they asked for my feedback. I was very honest with them and didn't only tell them the good stuff but the things I've been disappointed with as well.

Well, last year was mostly a big fat disappointment for me at the company, both on a professional and a personal level, which seemingly took them by surprise and hurt their feelings because they think it is the best place to work at. Even though I tried to make my feedback as constructive as possible, they didn't really seem to understand the problems and kept saying what a good company this is and what amazing opportunities will this year hold.

And they gave me a raise before I could even ask for it.

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    Looks like a happy ending
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    @asgs well, I guess they are afraid I will leave the company and this is their way of trying to keep me instead of facing the real issues 😅
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    What are the issues?
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    @qwerty77asdf @alzal No clear expectations, lack of information, insufficient communication, scope changes all the time and the management blames us when we miss the deadlines because they can't agree on something in time. And there are some problems with a certain team member who is an asshole but the boss likes him for some reason.
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    @IAmNotARobot you must be too good at your job compared to the team? You got a raise despite complaints. They must want you to walk your team members through stuff (insufficient communication) or something.
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    @qwerty77asdf that's what I'm already trying to do 😅
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