This morning me and my colleague had huge debate about using GraphQL or REST. While I was in total favour of GraphQL, that guy was more on REST side because he read some random articles on dev.to and medium and was highly motivated to use REST instead of GraphQL.

The problem is, some people write anything on blogging websites without even doing a proper research.

Since, I have worked on GraphQL, I knew it's pros and cons very clearly and what are the things that can be done to solve them.

The guys said that we can't do native caching in GraphQL at which the lava from my head just got burst out.
I showed him the official GraphQL docs where it was clearly mentioned that we can do caching in GraphQL.
Poor guy couldn't say anything after that.

P.s: We are still going to use old school REST APIs but I am happy that I could prove my point. I'll use GraphQL in my side projects anyway, loss for him if he's not exploring something new.

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    Yeah I hate people who makes up fake info and random new words as their argument
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    Here is something I don't get. How can you argue against someone who's actually tried something you haven't? Try it out first, then I'll respect your arguments.

    GraphQL seems great btw
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    Im in doubt what to use myself have used both though
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    @ScriptCoded Exactly! That guy hasn't even tried GraphQL and arguing with me about GraphQL.
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    @Codex404 Well sometimes, it depends on the requirements as well. If you want to build a big application, GraphQL will ease your ways.
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    @devTea Seriously, me too!
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    @reeversedev I am making a big application, so I think Ill use graphQL, especially since people use the API mainly. S
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