Developer vs Tester

(Spoiler alert: developer wins)

My last developent was quite big and is now in our system testing department. So last week i got every 20 minutes a call from the tester, that something did not work as expected. For about 90% of the time i looked at the testing setup or the logs and told him, that the data is wrong or he used the tool wrong. After a couple of days i got mad because of his frequent interruptions. So I decided to make a list. Every time he came to me with an "error" i checked it and made a line for "User Error" or "Programming Error". He did not liked that much, because the User Error collum startet to grow fast:

User Errors: ||||| |||
Programming Errors: |||

Now he checks his testing data and the logs 3 times before he calls me and he hardly finds any "errors" anymore.

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    When I worked as tester, that was something our head of testing made clear to everyone. First get your shit straight, gather data, and cross-check also with other requirements for side impacts. Even if it took two hours while a five minutes call would have helped, but the tester credibility was worth the time.
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    This is the first spoiler alert message i have read which actually gives out the spoiler.. If you have to spoil, you could have written it directly..
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    This is a problem even in my work place. Everyone just takes devs for granted instead of doing something by themselves for once.
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