This is a question in the AWS DevOps certification...

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    maybe it's worded poorly, but i think it's true
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    @calmyourtities I mean yeah it is, but the wording is just amazingly terrible
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    Also, what the fuck does that have to do with DevOps?
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    HTML5 has JS behind it, isn't?

    I am pretty sure those <video></video> tags don't create a video player out of nothing
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    @Charon92 just so you know what a dev suffers from
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    False. You cloud run Tensorflow.js doing deep learning stuff without even touch web page.
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    False, although JS is popular with the web, you can bind and execute JS to any program not web related using an js engine.
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    Also, JS has nothing to do with HTML.

    Js can controls objects exposed by its parent program, in this case the web browser exposes references to its DOM elements.

    All Js cares about are the objects/methods/ props exposed to it that it can call, it has no knowledge about HTML.

    I once did a job interview at AWS, the moment I met the interviewer, all my interest in working for amazon are gone. Got asked unrelated questions to the role (LIKE THIS ONE) by bunch of dumb fucks who think they are at higher level than others.
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