The pay was good. The perks were good too. Then why the hell did I resign? Because of my manager. You won't believe he never contributed to anything. In the past two months, he didn't write a single line of code.

You may say, "he is a manager. His work is to manage people". But what?? He never allows us to talk to anyone. Sets unexpected reality in the meeting. And our CEO (a good-hearted man and good software engineer, but does not know much about ML/AI) believes in him. We are working on a product which is a piece of shit. I tried to tell everyone the reality. He stopped me. Says since I don't have experience, I don't know what is possible.

What the hell??? With current talent and resources, you are saying AI will replace humans in call centers by the end of 2019. What the FUCK!!!! I tried to write a mail to the CEO, explaining him things. He threatened me. Said he will make me lose my job. So FUCK YOU!!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!

That is the reason I am resigning. He has another 11 months to fuck the company. But I am going to a place where things are real. People know the potential and challenges of AI and are doing their best. I know, eventually, everyone will know that he is a liar. A big fucking LIAR. And he will lose his job. Not because machines will take over. But good, talented human beings will replace him.

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    Another office politics. I'm quite happy with my work right now even if no offset, no overtime pay and very fast deadlines. I like my boss and my team. They are nice with no office politics. We help each other to solve a problem. My boss who is a developer also helps us and understands us. 🙂 my pay is quite good also. Not that very high but good.
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    So what is the reason you say AI will not replace humans in call centres?
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    @HoloDreamer He says ...by the end of 2019. That’s why.
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    Well, I would say that 99% of call center can be replaced my a menu...

    Anyway he is a moron...
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    Also have the same problem , i got yelled at for not adjusting to the clients changes without any information of the changes, sometimes people dont see the bigger picture. Very sad reality
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    Send the CEO Adam email through your personal email lol
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    Good for you and good luck with job hunt. ✌🏼
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    What is the update to your story fizz buzz? We want to know thanks
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