High paying unstable job at a startup vs. Low paying stable job at a huge company.

I'm currently at the latter and I'm expecting a job offer (hopefully!) from the other one today.

Low paying job:

1) big name. (their stock has recently gone down tho)
2) insurance and stuff.
3) quite stable.
4) can re-skill and move to another team.
5) work from home.

1) shit technologies.
2) lots of fake "we are a family" kinda crap.
3) shit pay for a huge company.
4) boring. I feel very unmotivated.
5) obsolete systems and management processes.
6) it would take years to save for a car even with my upcoming promotion pay raise.

High paying job:

1) awesome salary. Like 6x my current.
2) up-to-date technologies. Something I'm passionate about.
3) team lead position.
4) I can buy a car in a couple of months.
5) might get a visa sponsorship in the future.
6) small team, my voice will be heard.

1) it's a startup so it can go down anytime.
2) no insurance or any kinda benefits.
3) no work laptop.

I'm kinda in the beginning of my career, so my gut is telling me to risk it and go for the unstable job.
It will be my first time to be an "official" team lead and honestly idk how I'll go about it yet.

Which one would you go for?
And wish me luck! The interview went pretty well but I'm dreading for some reason.

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    Don't go unstable if the job market is saturated, otherwise might be worth the risk.
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    No pain no gain
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    6x salary! Sounds like you're currently working for government
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    Shut Up and take the money :)

    Although my alarm clocks ring because:

    you are the team lead, since you landed your first dev job 1 year ago

    you get good salary but no work laptop (really??)

    Anyway, the experiences you will get may be worth the risk
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    6x is a fucking lot, so either it is a HUGE promotion or your current employer is ripping you off .

    Either way, I think you should get the new job.

    A big name means nothing and you cab get everything else on the new job.
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    Take the money. Act like your salary didn't change, and in two years you'll be set up for life...
    If you spend it all, and then it disappears, going back to low pay will be really really hard!
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    If you are young and do not have much responsibilities except your own then go with the money. Your aim should be to earn as much as possible in the time you can.
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    go for unstable one

    i would still chose that over big company even if salary was the same (shity)
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    Cool story bruh.
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    Just make sure the company is real
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    I’d go for the startup ­čśâ
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    Pick the high salary choice
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    I recently moved from a startup to a job with a 'company environment' , and boy was it a mistake.

    Sure at the startup the job security is a pain in the head(pun intended), but atleast I was the master of my code and everything that had to do with it going live prod. I only had to worry about delivering the product.

    At the company? A simple hotfix would have to go through a million process before going live. Not to mention the daily standups, dealing with product owners and keeping up with the outdated frameworks and the ridiculous code standards.

    I'd go with a startup job anyday, even if the money was lower.
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    Thanks guys! I feel more confident in my choice now.

    Oh and I got accepted!

    @ace48 That. Exactly that.
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    If it’s 6 times of your current, but don’t provide a laptop... something isn’t right
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    @sunfishcc Maybe because it's a small startup? Idk.
    The huge salary increase is because I live in a 3rd world country and this employer is in Germany; the offered salary is practically minimum wage there.
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    @UltimateZero ok. I see. Do you have to move overseas?
    Working remotely for startup could be extremely painful, since they are lot decisions have to make.
    If you have to move, then living cost will also increased. Have you researched how much it cost?
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