Who the Fuck Came up with "SCRUM MEETINGS"

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    After each sprint there is ~2h reserved for discussing improvements to how you work. Did you try to bring up the issue of Scrum meetings being useless to you?
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    Daily? Refinement? Estimation? Review? Retro? Planning?

    Which of these meetings is useless? 🤔
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    @arraysstartat1 : If only I had the guts :D
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    @swappy something is seriously wrong with your team / scrum process if you can't speak freely and bring up your issues during the retrospective meeting. You should talk to your scrum master - assuming you have one.
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    @Maximilian none. Although they're not equally easy to run.
    The daily is by far the easiest though.
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    No one knows what to do,

    so people just do it,

    and have meetings to talk about the specific things they done are good or not, and what's to do next.

    Repeat until completion.

    Anything other than that probably a waste of time.

    We've had retrospective meetings where people just complain (about product manager, people being late, etc..) instead of talk about the project <<< DONT DO THIS.
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    @nam17887 If product manager (owner, right?) or people being late are having negative impact on productivity of development team then I think those issues should be raised during retrospective.
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    Wasn't agile and scrum created by smart devs to make development more productive, scalable and to build better products?

    I find funny how most devs think the only way to code is to code, with no regard to teams and planning.

    I find it funnier how devs say they don't like {framework} but use its principles unkowingly because they don't really know shit about shit
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    @nam17887 But retrospectives are about optimizing the process and not the project. So please don't talk about the project. Try to end complaining and use the time to work on a solution for your problems!
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    But scrum meetings are really really needed for effective coding.
    If the meetings are not of a benefit for you then the ScrumMaster has no idea of his Job.

    And there is a huge difference between productive and effective coding!!
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    It would help if the Scrum Master would at least know the basics of programming. Or what git is or what deployment means... Ffs I hate my PMs
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    @swappy Scrum meeting for the whole day
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