Be nice, they said.
StackOverflow should be more welcoming, they said.
C00lHoker99 is a new contributor. Be nice, and check out our Code of Conduct, they said.
Oh, for fucks sake...
Nobody is going to be nice to drunk hobo that shits in the middle of the library.
Duplicate, no MCVE, bluntly offtopic and "do my job plz asap" questions doesn't deserve any niceness from community.
If you feel like SO isn't welcoming, that's certainly your fault.
And what now? Instead of answering good questions and being **nice to nice fellows** we are swimming in Pacific Crapocean. Nnnnnniiiiiicccceeee

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    YetAnotherAssHole is a new contributor. Be a dick, and give him a link to "How To Ask" or LMGTFY
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    Got double downvote
    I dunno who did that, but I bet he/she had few questions closed :D
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    Ehh, I've seen questions marked as dups that aren't even remotely similar to the other one. Sometimes, they can just get a little overenthusiastic at moderating...
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