Fuck you AWS. Fuck you.

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    No further information needed. I respect it.
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    @infernalempress I'm switching back to DigitalOcean
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    AWS is great... once you fail several hundred times to get things working.
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    @vocuzi Me too. Created a server for testing, tried it once. Never touched again. Now I get emails about abusing ot something. I keep ignoring.
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    @aldoblack xD
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    @C0D4 I'd be homeless if I fail some hundred times at AWS.
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    What's the issue? I maybe dealing with AWS in few months
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    The billing aspect of AWS is my biggest complaint about it. It's very difficult to find straightforward pricing on anything. It's a massive industry standard, and to get competent with it, especially with API operations, you basically have to just spend a bunch of money. Or if you're lucky, you get hired somewhere where you can get training and a nice sandbox to play with.

    I massively prefer digitalocean as well.
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    @bahua the level of simplicity with DigitalOcean is marvelous
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