[please read my rant, i want attention lol, i am pretty sure you know me ^v^]

My devRant visits have decreased tremendously due to high amounts of school work, but finally I am doing something productive developer stuff!

There is this app that allows you to watch educational videos offline, but that only works in android, but I don't have an android tablet, and I don't want to watch videos in my S8, so I am trying to boot android from usb, stick in my surface pro 6 which i am gonna order soon, download the app there, and watch videos!

I knew OS stuff was complicated but it is way more..... Yeah, complicated than i thought. All those fuzzy words, grub, partition, format, sectors, qemu, etc...


And I have only windows, which is a plus since i can use easy2boot, a godsend utility to make bootable usb with any iso easily (not an ad) , but the minus is that i have limited testing capabilities, forcing me to install virtualbox eith vmeu or whatever that thing is called...

But what I really want to say in this rant which is completely out of control, I'd like to thank the easy2boot support team who was very helpful for me to understand their utility, and a random guy in phoenix os subreddit who told me where to start.

If you read until here thanks! If you have experience booting from usb wih surface, or any windows machine let me know your experience since i want to know more about it, and if i encounter problems, i can look at your comments, thanks!

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