"And on the eighth day God said 'Let there be 4G LTE.' He looked at the 4G LTE and he was pleased."

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    4g is love
    4g is life
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    @zemaitis Meanwhile I've been through towns with literally no service... No data, texting or calling.

    But this is Verizon
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    And the 5G debate in europe is the result of the Fall of Men?
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    5g is dangerous. It’s super wideband and high frequency, and therefore can only be used short range. So on the one hand, it will only be used in big ass cities where they can put the base stations inside with your WiFi routers.

    The reason of course this is dangerous is because if your phone is connected to a 5g tower they don’t even have to triangulate your position. It’s super accurate fine grain data that they know you’re literally sitting under the base station.
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    @Alice are we seriously at the point where umts is sunsetting? Shit I’m old
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    I reckon ppl will start dropping dead when he is upgraded to support 5G.

    Do your homework folks... 5G is alot different level of nefarious bs. Its not about high speed networks and playing fortshite on the bus anymore.
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    @FrodoSwaggins In cities, yes. In rural areas, slower 5G cells with higher range will be used, 5G supports both.
    On the other hand, triangulation by the ISP is already good enough.
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    @sbiewald indeed it is, but there’s no reason to make it easy for them
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    But did you know 4G causes cancer and should be avoided as much as possible!

    Typing that with a straight face wasn't possible :^)
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