Got some phat l00t from FOSDEM 😋😁
Full-size pic: http://nixmagic.com/pics/...

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    damn I always wanted that Firefox sticker... I think the time has come to order it on redbubble
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    @ShotgunSurgeon or come join us at FOSDEM next year 😁 the stickers are all free there!
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    Was there actually a godot talk/stand/whatever or just the stickers?
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    @ganjaman yes, there was one but I'm not really into game development so I didn't recall the logo's orientation 😅 their engine seems quite interesting though!

    @RantSomeWhere yep, OnePlus 6T 😁
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    @RantSomeWhere well it's a flagship for sure, so there's that.. I like how powerful the radio transceivers are in this thing. On 2.4GHz I've once been able to still be connected to my home network from a bus station some 200-300m away.

    Edge-to-edge display looks great, but without a little case around it, I often find myself tapping the edges when I lift the phone with the screen on.

    Speaker is kinda meh, it's only mono and inconveniently placed at the bottom, making the chance of your hand covering it quite high.

    Fingerprint unlock still feels experimental but is generally quite responsive. Don't try to unlock the phone with wet/sweaty hands though, it won't work.

    Customizability-wise, excellent. Super easy to root, while (and this is the amazing thing for me) still being able to do OTA updates as usual 😁

    There's a lot of other things that I could say about this phone, but that might deserve its own rant 😛
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    Here's my loot!
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    I also have lots of loot
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    I couldn't go.. Sadface
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    The procedure to reach there?
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