The most stupid question you can ask at an open source software event?

"So, this system, is it open source?"

I asked this to a guy at a stand about the system he was presenting (forgot the project name).

He stared at me with a wtf face and then replied with "....yes.... of course.... this is an OPEN SOURCE software event?!"

I felt quite fucking stupid.

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    It was one of the guys presenting DashboardHub!
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    "Gosh, I sure hope so! It's not like this is an open source event or anything"

    Lol, we all have those moments!
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    Good job! 😅
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    Happened to me once:
    What manager asked: is it open source?
    What he really meant: Can we use this in our product without paying anyone?
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    @RantSomeWhere very true. I've been there more times than I want to count 😅
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    Well, think of it this way: you'll never see this guy again. And chances are, you weren't the first to ask that question.
    But as far as feeling stupid: I've met many people who think they're so smart they're never stupid. And it is *THEY* who are fucking stupid.
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    lmfao! I am gonna fav this!
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    I had a similar brainfart.. whether or not I could self-host this or that iirc. Not sure what it was again 🤔 I vaguely recall it to be something on Sunday at one of the booths in building K.. but yeah given that it's open source, I guess that self-hosting is to be expected?
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    @linuxxx Errr, that's me.
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    @CozyPlanes he said that stuff to you? Well this is akward. 😅
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    “Hi, so did you also come to this event we’re both currently attending?”
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    Also, not as stupid as you'd think. What with Chrome and Android being classified as open source.
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    @robinj1995 Chrome isn't open source, Chromium is.
    Android isn't open source either, AOSP/Lineage are :)
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    i like to think i would be like "of course! open source in da house?" trying to be welcoming and cheering... but id probably get confused the fuck out by your question and react in a similar way...
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