They made Asynchronous Javascript and XML a real thing LMAO!! 😂😂😂

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    It’s because you have to wash your hands after dealing with javascript
  • 2
    This thing existed before ajax.
  • 4
    @mundo03 The fact that you took this post seriously, researched the product and came back just to let me know it was invented before AJAX proves your superior intellect
  • 2
    Chug!!! Chug!!! Chug!!!
  • 2
    @skepdimi I am mexican, ajax has been in my house since I was young enough to think it was soda.
  • 1
    It has real citrus extract...
  • 2
    It's also the only web technology to have its own football club.
  • 0
    Why it looks like a juice?
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    "Ajax" existed before JS or this thing, it's the name of a major hero from Greek literature/mythology (appears in the Iliad for example)
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