Buy iPhone X and be the shit. 💩😂🍎

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    If you don't like it.. don't buy it..if you can't afford it don't blame apple. Use macos ios or any apple device and then comment on apple devices dumbo
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    Buy a iPhone X and be a talking shit
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    @minigeek so, what, as a potential customer and just general human being, he's not allowed to be angry about something, not allowed to make fun of it?
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    M not saying use only mac,ios...but nowdays people on social media are trolling every possible thing even without knowing reality. I have used Windows Mac Linux , currently Android ios and mac user. Thing is.. respect what steve has created, there would be no Microsoft if it wasn't Apple. Joke is joke..thats fine.. but trolling something that crates false facts in people's brain is tending right now.. example : only rich people buy apple..
    Apple has copied things from Android (both have)... I used to blame apple before using it, now I admire everything that is created by apple... people don't even know how many trackers are stealing their info on Android lol
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    @minigeek how long have you been using the internet?
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    @Hikky i had 2 of them in my current Android device..were super buggy..not even camera used to work...I had to come back to stock rom. Bro I had 3 Android devices before and now i own an iPad not even iPhone..but i can surely tell how much lagproof it runs with less powerful hardwares. I don't hate Android, it's just.. many companies have their own...apple and it's ios is owned by only one. Easy to maintain quality.
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    @minigeek you should compare an iPhone with it's competitive Android phone not like comparing an iPhone with midrange Android phone, that's not a fair comparison
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    @spacefr0st agree. iPhone uses Samsung display..infact Apple is only a designing company. Both work for similar things..just the question about OS. People who like privacy go for iOS . people who like to do anything with phone go for Android. I want my phone to be just a phone.. calling texting surfing smoothly. That's why I will choose apple though I am an Android cellphone user as of now😂
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    @minigeek Unless you are doing basic things, you don't really need an expensive phone like an iPhone, a fair decent Android phone with near stock interface for smooth experience can get job done for you. Also if you are not into the Apple ecosystem and you just want that freaking trapped OS of the iPhone.
    P.S. I'm not a huge fan of iOS and i would not be even in the future but i just love the whole Apple ecosystem that seamless integration between devices and quite honestly I'm pretty much jealous of it
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    @spacefr0st that's why i use iPad with my MacAir 😂 and Android phone is for messaging.. gotta change it soon.
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    Am I the only one who thinks that poop emoji should have different shades too? After all, it depends on the diet.
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    @gudishvibes lol i sold all ios devices. Now m on pixel
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