Height of making fake profile.
Few days back, I got connection request from Mark Zuckerberg. When I check profile it was having 23 connections !

I think it was okay till you make fake profile on Tinder but making fake profile on LinkedIn ???

Share your experiences below ...

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    Should've censored the name. It's your believe that one can't be a Security Chief Officer with a Music degree and that doesn't make it the truth. It can be a real profile.
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    @zelda If I understand correctly, they sent a scammy request impersonating Mark Zuckerberg. In which case, it's best to call out and warm about this person.
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    @AlgoRythm what I can understand is that, that was a different profile and in that case it was perfectly fine to call out.
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    Isn't this profile meant as a joke? Because of the whole Equifax hack nonsense? The joke being that the chief of security didn't have an education to do with security?
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    She must be good with C, C# and F#
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