Recruiter: Hi, i'm recruiting for xyz, your profile looks like a great fit. Would you be interested in discussing further?

Me: Hi, your company website says you only have an office location in Berlin. I've marked my profile as not interested in relocation, only interested in jobs in my country and said the same in my description. Are you expanding to my country?

Recruiter: You are correct, this role is based in AMAZING Berlin. Are you interested in relocating?


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    Some say recruiter is still waiting for an answer to this day.
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    @norman70688 if you like seeing weirdos everyday, sure
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    Never see what you type. Just shut up you are in ? xD
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    @norman70688 Kein Rhein, kein Dom, keine Stadt. Also, far to eastern to qualify as 'cool'.
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    I'd just send that exact image back to the recruiter and end the conversation there. If they're not paying attention, so aren't I.
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    @norman70688 anyone with more piercings than fingers+toes
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    At that point waste their time. Ask a bunch of questions. Reschedule an interview 10 times.
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    So, does this new employer pay for train ticket to Berlin? Including lunch, dinner, Uber to/from train...

    "Uh, sure"

    What about accommodation while I live there? I don't want to sell my current house, and I'm not going to pay two mortgages...

    "We can probably figure something out"

    Housing for two people? -- "Two?" -- Yes, I'm bringing my girlfriend of course!

    "hmmm, I don't know if our client will agree to that..."

    It would also be acceptable if I close my eyes, my new boss gave me blowjobs while my girlfriend moans over the phone and is being pleasured by you... how skilled are you with your tongue? Nevermind, as a recruiter you practiced plenty of sucking & ass-kissing of course.... So when do I start?

    *click.... beep beep beep*
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    @irene sure but no face tattoos. Or weird tattoos that use boobs as binoculars. I've seen that. Also no face piercings. Basically don't touch the face. Or the tits. Or the belly button. Leave the poor thing alone.
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    @irene hey i'm okay with buttplugs that end in a tail. But only if the girl meows.
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    @irene heh consentacles are cool. As long as she does octopus sounds (?)
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    @irene / @fuck2code would you by any chance be willing to have this conversation anywhere else?
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    I favorited just for the comments.
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    Bitch do you speak english?
    Do you speak english motherfucker?!
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    @Gregozor2121 That's actually a good point. Maybe the only word the recruiter actually understood was 'Berlin'. 😂😂
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    Humans 😂😂
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    Humans and their ignorance.
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    😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 "Ish, what did I just say?!"
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    My personal favorite is being a web developer, front end, with all my skills listed and recruiters constantly reaching for software developer jobs or some other offshoot IT role. Like NO, not the same thing. Do your research, k thanks!
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