Had to work with SoapUI and accidentally taught myself Groovy.

I found Groovy a very nice language to work with. I've always wanted to do things with the JVM but still don't fully comprehend Java's OOP and stuffs. In which domain is Groovy used widely or intensively? Would anyone recommend me to learn it further?

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    Ever heard of the Grails framework? It uses Groovy extensively, almost exclusively.

    I dig the language and apparently you do too. If so there is no reason as to why you shouldn't learn it :) have fun learning languages for the knowledge they can give you, regardless if you ever use them or not.
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    Groovy is the primary scripting language for Jenkins (formerly Hudson) Under the hood of all those “automagic” CI/CD services are lots of skilled Jenkins admins with lots of groovy code.
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    @AleCx04 Did a quick search and i think it's interesting. Will take a look at it some time. Thank you!
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    @Diactoros Wow. Well, i've never used Jenkins before and i used to think that it's all Java. Nice to know, thanks!
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    @EventEmitter For sure, I’m just getting into it so I’m no expert but the “Scripted Pipelines” are pretty much a wrapper for raw Groovy, and the Declarative Pipelines I *think* are just Groovy code under the pipeline syntax and “steps”.

    To be fair Jenkins has a reputation for being difficult to manage but if you like Groovy go find a job as a DevOps engineer and setup a Jenkins scripted pipeline with Groovy.
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