yeah learn to code from a youtube video and you'll magically get a 60K paying job

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    They will post to linkedin hello new job
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    They miss out the part where you need to wait 15 years in between.
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    @totalllama nah the video includes 5 years of hands on experience
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    I hate these videos so fucking much I swear to god.
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    I wrote an essay about this exact issue.
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    Fun also 9 minute duration
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    Beside the clickbaity title, the video is actually quite good. It does not teach you how to code in that video, but gives you some hints for the many months of work which lie before you. It is more or less what I would also recommend to someone who doesn‘t know anything about coding.
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    @Lensflare did you get a 60K paying job xD
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    So mamy influencers/youtubers are promoting this after creating one blog on wordpress. And this one time i commented on this kinda youtube video with something logical (yet very polite) and they got back at me like they know better and i am stupid -_-
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    @monrichi I know. People who read a blog, then do some lines of code and then decide to teach coding 🤨
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