Dungeon's and dragons! I'm playing it with my colleagues :D

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    DnD3e or 5e?

    Im playing pathfinder and have the pathfinder 2 playtest books and might play 5e someday soon.
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    @Codex404 5e, haven't played any other version so I don't know the difference that well.
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    @martijnimhoff 5e is nore storytelling and simpler mechanics. In 3e it was way more difficult to work through things.

    Pathfinder is based on 3e. And with pathfinder 2 they are going on the road of DnD 5e
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    5e is super intuitive and puts the focus on the story/roleplaying, if I'm ever DMing for new players I'll use it. However, some of my more advanced groups feel 3.5 is better for actual raw game mechanics.
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    ad&d2.5 and 3 are sooo much better than 4+
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