Reading books, lots of books... Mostly sci-fi or fantasy (I'm in love with Lem) but generally any type of books. 🙃 Currently on the table:
Lem: Master's Voice
James S.A. Corey: Leviathan Wakes

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    I'd like to recommend the Dune series. It's awesome. Also anything from Lem is awesome.
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    @Agred Totally agree , I have already read all of the Dune saga 😉
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    @fonfi Me too, recently. I'm still in a bit of pain from withdrawal ;)
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    Recommended next read: “Roadside Picnic” by the Strugatzki brothers
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    I see books i ++

    2. do Androids dream of electric sheep both by Philip dick (Philip K. Dick's books are awesome)
    3. Mockingbird by walter tevis
    4. roadside picnic
    5. cat's cradle
    6. The Odyssey series by Clarke

    Some recommendations.
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    @RantSomeWhere @gymmerDeveloper and I was wondering what to place on my -books to read- list. I knew I can count on devRant fellows 😃
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    The expanse, nice!
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    @Wack Yes this is this rare case when I saw the TV series before reading the book. 😉 Usually I do the other way. But I must admit that I liked the TV series very much.
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    @fonfi I've recently read both the frontier saga (http://www.frontierssaga.com/) as well as expeditionary force (https://goodreads.com/series/...)

    Both have a FTL propulsion. Frontier saga has "only" humans, while expeditionary force has a wide variety species.

    Do you have any other recommendations?
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    @Wack I have really enjoyed the Odyssey One series by Evan Currie. However I consider it as „light reading”. Quick to read, nothing demanding. Very good for reading in my way to work 😉
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    The Expanse is a personal favorite of mine too.
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    @fonfi german beer and polish books? Nice combination 😁
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    @fonfi Mate, at least you have nice weather, snow and fun. And beer. That’s what my winter holidays look like: 📷
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    @mlask you know that this is kind of a tradition now 😉 BTW what are you going to mix this tonic with?
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    @mlask and you know that I am looking forward to borrowing these books once you have finished them 😜
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