It's nice being able to just sit down an do some side projects every now and then 😊

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    When you have not enough money to buy a programming joke cup or patience to wait for it.
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    I envy you, I wish I had the time and the energy. When I do have the time, I don't have the energy and viceversa.
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    Which ThinkPad model is that? I'm looking to buy one...
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    @telephantasm That's sad :/ I don't as like that for a while. No I go up much earlier in the morning, and I've got a lot more energy during the day.

    @agnibha it's a T470p. It's pretty bulky, and the battery sticks out a little. My colleague has the T480s, which is really slim. And it charges with USB-C. The only problem we've discovered so far is that the fans seem to go way to fast on Windows.
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    @ScriptCoded thanks for the reply... I should look for that in India whether that model is available over here or not...

    And Windows... Not an issue.. 😁 😅
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    @iamavalos I think it was a gift..
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