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    If you have use for tips like that, please stop, because 1) you're doing it wrong and 2) JavaScript is obviously not for you.
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    1. That is not my twitter handle
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    Fucking type coercion...
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    If you add a 2 to text it gets parsed to string, if you add -1 it stays a number because of the fucking minus sign.

    Also, fuck javascript.
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    Problem here is that the + has a double meaning in JS addition and concatenation.
    Doesn't the ++ operator work instead of arcane double negative?
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    @zombieleet I didn't imply it was, this was more to whoever's reading it.
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    I'm mainly JS Dev and this is the worst tip I've seen in quite some time.

    I mean it works, but you don't want it to work like this.
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