I'm clearly a little obsessed with Destiny, but it's what helps me unwind at the end of the day. Between working full time, 16 credit hours at school, and a baby girl coming in just a couple of weeks, I have to have something to escape reality for just a little bit sometimes.

Destiny isn't all I play, but it takes up most of the time and the game that - for that last several years at least - brings me the greatest amount of joy. It's the game that has finally made me buckle down and get serious about finishing school work on game dev.

Other activities include podcasts - which I am devouring nearly constantly - and movies. I have about 20 podcasts I'm currently actively subscribed to with another 20 that I have on reserve in case I get through my list too fast. As for movies, I watch them when I have time. Recent watches that I've enjoyed were Destroyed, On The Basis Of Sex, and Aquaman.

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