after hours of trying to get the wifi working... Manjaro KDE is functional... and it's beautiful

Look at the blurred background behind the terminal! Magic!

Everything's so snappy... and the dark theme... I'm in love.

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    @iamavalos I don't mean to be a dick but how could you tell from the screenshot? Have you tried KDE plasma? The image is compressed. And the blur algo is pretty similar among OS's IMO
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    @iamavalos I personally cannot tell a difference between blur effects. Everything looks like the Windows Acrylic to me.
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    @AlgoRythm Id say that the windows blur looks a lot worse that the OSX one. Preference though
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    You can achieve the blur transparent terminal by compton too. It's not smooth when moving the window around too fast but I'm OK with that.
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    KDE is great, I agree. After having your exact setup for a while I switched to a really minimalistic GNOME DE and it's just as good. There's even a plug-in that I have that takes appli cations title bars and makes them super tiny. It's nice. I recommend trying it out too at some point, but only if you get bored of KDE.
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    @iamavalos same here. I'm contemplating switching from arch to qubes soon, and with that I might finally take the plunge and learn i3 trial-by-fire style. Never stop learning
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