I got 2 PS3 Move sticks (the kind with the ball, usable for VR) for $5 from a local pawn that always low-prices tech (I also got one of the thumbstick ones without the ball, and a Wiimote as well, both bundled with) and decided to try and set up PSMoveService on my PC. Half my mobo and the USB Bluetooth stick I've had for like 5 years just failed the smoke test. The USB controller on my mobo released the mysterious blue death smoke (the only other interface I have is ONE PS/2 port) and the Bluetooth stick caught on ACTUAL FUCKING FIRE. The PS Move controllers have been shorted out in the chaos, and my keyboard's also been shorted out.




I need a new mobo ($100-$400), 2 new PSMove sticks ($100+ on eBay) and a new Bluetooth stick (the one I had was actually really cool, but I can get a new good one for $50, just not THAT one)

That's a $250 bill at the *very* least.

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