I want to try out the dvorak layout but I'm a bit unsure if it's worth it. Anyone who has changed from qwerty to dvorak who could tell me about their experience? Is it faster than qwerty? Is it easy to learn?

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    I tried Dvorak, learning it wasn't what killed it for me though. My main annoyance was relearning or remapping all the shortcuts.

    Is it more ergonomic? Can't tell. Was it faster? Nope, but also because I dropped it after a few weaks.

    The only thing I did change was from German to an US layout. Here I only had to relearn y vs z and the symbols, but the better availability of the common coding symbols made it much more ergonomic for me. (Horrible positions of the curly brace or @ on German layout.)

    A few years back I also invested time into actually doing ten finger typing on a us layout. That turned out to be a huge productivity boost for me. (And still do.)
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    @k0pernikus hmm, well if I don't try dvorak I may try switching to an US layout. I have a Swedish layout and I guess you guys have the same layout with other chars and I can agree with the {}, @ and a few others being unergonomic to use.
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    I switched to Dvorak Programmer about 2 years ago.

    - The first steps are like putting needles on your eyes...

    - I find it better to use emacs with dvorak + Ctrl mapped to caps lock

    I stopped training everyday but I can write pretty easily now...

    The only downside is being clumsy with Qwerty now... But I can still be faster than my lead on qwerty looking at the keys...
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