Books. I love them, I buy them, where ever I go. My favorites are the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett, but I will read any sci-fi/fantasy-styled book I come across. I would attach an image, but my phone's camera is pretty shitty, so just imagine some shelfs filled with books.

Music is imortant to me too. There will always be music playing when I'm around. I'm trying to make some myself. It's not that good but still fun. I am also a collector of vinyl records.

And then there are games of course, because sitting at a pc just for coding is not enough :D

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    Books are the way to go!
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    Love Pratchett. I have complete bookshelves of Discworld in Polish and in English 😉 If you like that kind of humor, you should also try A. Lee Martinez (A nameless witch, Too many curses, ...) Generally I love books and probably spent too much money on them (at least my wife says so😜), but I have this deviation that once I read the book I must have it on the shelf (and more - if this is a series, all the books have to be from the same edition 🙃)
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    @fonfi Thaks for the recommendation, I'm always looking for new books and authors.
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